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“Amnesty Don” New Country-Western Song About Donald Trump

September 1, 2016

Watch the video here.

He’s softening — Is there a pill for that?”

“He’s waffling — His courage just went splat!”

So croons Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough in a satirical country-western music video aimed at Donald Trump’s newly qualified stance on immigration that was posted to Scarborough’s Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.

In the song, Scarborough lights into the Republican presidential nominee, referring to him as “Amnesty Don,” a “soft and flaccid man” who “said he’d build a wall for us, but then he up and ran.”

The morning host, who moonlights as an occasional rock musician, dons a down-home western accent for his performance, adopting the persona one of the let-down “cowboys” who’ve smelled the “dirty con of Amnesty Don.”

Watch the video here.

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