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Candy In The Senate

September 1, 2016

This is a sweet story.

Here’s an unusually sweet political secret: one of 100 desks in the U.S. Senate chamber has a drawer full of communal candy.

The “candy desk” has been a proud political tradition since 1965, when California senator and former Hollywood song-and-dance man George Murphy began keeping sweet treats in his Senate desk drawer. Murphy shared his candy stash with any senator willing to stop by his back-row spot on the Republican side of the chamber.

Murphy departed the Senate in 1971, but his candy desk lives on. Conveniently located right next to the Senate’s eastern entrance, the desk is currently occupied by Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey, who accepted the title of candy desk custodian in January 2015. 

His pun-laden press release referred to the “Mounds of responsibility” involved in candy desk duty and assured he “campaigned for this assignment on the platform of life, liberty and the pursuit of Peeps.”

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