Wall Street Journal Reports On Donald Trump’s Mob Connections

Cue the Sopranos music.


Donald Trump worked with members of organized crime and people like the late Robert LiButti, a racehorse trader and gambler.

Donald Trump, as a builder in New York and Atlantic City decades ago, sometimes dealt with people who had ties to organized crime,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“They included a man law enforcement called an agent of the Philadelphia mob; a gambler convicted of tax fraud; a union leader found guilty of racketeering; and a real-estate developer convicted in a stock scheme that involved Mafiosi.”

Trump said he either had only cursory relationships with them or wasn’t aware of their ties at the time, calling himself “the cleanest guy there is.”

2 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal Reports On Donald Trump’s Mob Connections

  1. You would think voters would be repulsed by this man’s personal and business histories and his failure to either acknowledge the kind of life he has led or to accept responsibility for any of his actions. That this presidential race is as close as some polls would indicate is genuinely shocking. Why wouldn’t these and similar reports about the GOP presidential nominee matter?

  2. Agreed. Since Trump has received over $4 billion dollars in earned media coverage as reported recently by the NYT, it would seem these stories might be more deeply covered by more news outlets. I think this election is an indictment on the voters of this country given how far Trump has come and as you state how close some of the polls continue to be,

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