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Free Sunday Breakfast At Madison’s Fire Station No.3

September 2, 2016

I deeply respect our Madison Fire Department and so it is pleasing for me to promote their local free Sunday breakfast at Fire Station No.3 on Sunday, September 18th. Serving from 8:30-10:30 A.M. Station No.3 is located at 1217 Williamson Street.

This week one of the firefighters stopped at our home and offered me a flyer about the event. It so happened that when I spoke about a fire in a large apartment complex on the far East Side many years ago she finished my sentence with “out on Hayes Road. I was there that day”.

That had been my home in the mid-90’s and it was destroyed when my truly nasty neighbor placed hot used charcoal into a paper bag onto his wooden balcony. (It should come as no surprise that he also had no more money than brains so the legal suit that many of the residents undertook never found a suitable ending.) 

I have never forgotten the firefighters and what they did that day. One of them who I never was able to find out by name moved something very special in my apartment so it would not be ruined and because of that I still own it today. I have a deep and abiding respect for the work they do and the public service they provide.

The only thing I can say that was somewhat interesting was to see the remains of the water bed in my loft apartment.  I have to assume when it emptied it aided in helping secure some of my possessions below it.

Pancake breakfast

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