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Henry Kissinger And George Shultz To Endorse Hillary Clinton?

September 2, 2016

Another political earthquake.

When we were at Stanford a few weeks ago, former Secretary of State George Shultz acted viscerally when he was asked about the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency. “God help us,” he quipped.

But during a visit with our colleagues John Harris and Bryan Bender yesterday, Shultz took it further, signaling that he was discussing issuing a joint endorsement of Hillary Clinton with Henry Kissinger. He didn’t say it directly, but he said “no” when he was asked if there was still time for Trump to earn an endorsement.

“We are going to do it together, ” Shultz told Harris and Bender in Palo Alto, speaking broadly of a possible endorsement. “It will have more impact.” Shultz — who also served as Treasury and Labor secretary — said he was impressed by Clinton, noting a “deep knowledge of Mexico” he picked up on in a personal encounter. “When the next president takes office, if he or she turns inwards, the chaos will only develop more,” Shultz said, in another implicit swipe at Trump. “There is no substitute for the United States.”

When Bender and the boss pushed Shultz on his timing, he said, “It’s not Labor Day yet.” Jesse Ferguson, a Clinton spokesman, said, “We don’t know anything about it.”

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