Talking With Frank Shakespeare, Former Head Of CBS

I had another wonderful talk today with Frank Shakespeare, the former head of CBS and former Vatican Ambassador under President Reagan.  (With all humility I swear to God our front lawn has the best conversations in this neighborhood.)  Anyone who once knew Edward Murrow, Walter Cronkite, and Richard Nixon is always welcome at our home! My James and Fredricka, Frank’s daughter, created lots of smiles and laugher to add to the wonderful afternoon.

Frank’s deep and abiding love for our nation, his wonderment over how the television era–in which he played a large part–changed and shaped politics and the flow of information is ever present in his conversations. His sincerely held religious foundation along with the joy of living each day makes him the perfect person to enjoy a summer afternoon with in Madison.

Frank enjoys coffee and it was a hoot when I brought out a mug (today it was Blueberry Crumble) with some milk and sugar in it per the request, and he raised his cup and clinked with my mug.   His mild manner contrasts sharply to the larger-than-life personalities he interacted with.  “They did not awe me, they put their pants on like any other man.”

May there be many more such encounters with Frank as we sit in the Blue Adirondack chairs overlooking Lake Monona.


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