Gov. Gary Johnson In Over His Head–Not Aware Of Aleppo

Nothing more needs to be added.

This morning on Morning Joe Governor Gary Johnson demonstrated his total lack of gravitas.

Mike Barnicle: “What would you do if you are elected about Aleppo?”

Gary Johnson: “And what is Aleppo?”

Mike Barnicle: “You’re kidding.”

Gary Johnson: “No.”

The nation then went slack-jawed.

There is simply no excuse as The New Yorker makes clear.

Barnicle was asking the most straightforward question possible: What is the strategic, diplomatic, and moral route to ending the prolonged slaughter in Syria? Johnson’s inability to locate Aleppo, where men, women, and children are being eradicated every day, most recently by chlorine-gas attacks, was pathetic, the equivalent of a candidate for President in 1964 being unable to summon the location of Hanoi or Saigon. It’s not enough that Johnson has a vague isolationist ideology—that, like Ron and Rand Paul, he is against an interventionist foreign policy. That’s a legitimate viewpoint, but it doesn’t seem overly demanding to insist that he read a newspaper, a Web site, anything—that he ought to know something about the wars that are being fought in the world, especially given that America has an active, if limited, involvement in Syria now. And shouldn’t knowing nothing—in his case, or in Trump’s—be disqualifying? At the D.M.V., if you flunk the written exam, you can’t get behind a steering wheel with the motor running. Perhaps there should be a remotely similar bar for cluelessness in a Presidential campaign.

So let me remind you, Mr. Johnson, what we all know and you conveniently forgot.


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