Matt Lauer Is No Political Expert

Matt Lauer has come under strong doses of criticism following this week’s shoddy way of conducting most important interviews with the main presidential candidates.  He has earned every sour word aimed at him.

What was clearly in need on Wednesday night when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were interviewed was an actual political expert as moderator.  How did Lauer, who has not offered any heavy mental lifting for years on the Today Show, be given such an important assignment?   The American public would have been much more informed and educated had the questions been directed from the likes of Chuck Todd or  Chris Matthews.  If John Dickerson were at NBC I would also champion him for the job.   The same for Gwen Ifill.

Lauer was just plain dismal at not keeping the candidates on topic, and was lousy and simply afraid to “push” a candidate or “call them out” when they hedged or did not answer the question(s).

I want the best and most experienced to ask the questions of the next person to be the president of the free world.  I truly mean no disrespect to Lester Holt, Elaine Quijano, Martha Radiate, or Chris Wallace when it comes to moderating the presidential debates—but seriously how did they make the cut when others who are far more qualified with proven credentials not get selected?  The only moderator I am hopeful will hold firm and keep the candidates accountable while delivering a nice debate environment/atmosphere is Anderson Cooper.

Bring on the political experts for the main interviews and debates and leave the Matt Lauer types to report on the latest movie openings this weekend across the nation.

House Vote On Saudi Arabia Must Not Be Allowed To Stand

Readers know that while I am fascinated with the history and culture of Saudi Arabia I also have great disdain for the brand of Islam they practice and spread worldwide.  Wahhabism is NOT the way of Mohammad.   I mention that only to be clear from where I stand when it comes to that nation and trust that is does not cloud my feelings on the matter at hand.

The House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that will allow 9/11 victims’ families to sue Saudi Arabia for damages. The Senate also approved the bill unanimously in May.   This simply must not be allowed to become law.

President Obama must veto this bill if for no other reason than one of principle.

This is a dangerous precedent to engage in as it will open up our nation to retaliation from other countries who enact similar laws in the future.  There is nothing good to come from eroding sovereign immunity.