How Much Concern Should We Have For Heroin Addicts?

This story below is perhaps the most upsetting one yet to be reported about heroin addiction.  To be honest, I am just tired of hearing about the stupid and weak who fall prey to this horrible drug.  What is wrong with people that they get sucked up into such madness?  Worse yet is when the actions of addicts inflict harm or possible harm to innocent people.

We live in a nation with umpteen ways to be informed and guided about appropriate ways to live, and what to steer clear of so not to damage ourselves.  There are endless ways to safely relax and take off pressure.  There is not one single reason for anyone to expect that drugs will treat them any differently than all the tragic stories we all are privy to.

So yes it is the stupid and weak who are the ones who make the headlines when it comes to heroin addiction and it seems the rest of us in society have to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.   The cost to society is rising by the week.

Simply put the two adults pictured in the story below–James Lee Acord and Rhonda L. Pasek– should not be allowed to have guardianship of the 4-year-old boy in this story.   His life should be more a priority for society than the two losers posing as adults who had him in their care.  Their lack of concern for this child is simply stunning to see.

I am one of the first in line to promote caring social programs to assist those in need.  Be they homeless kids in our city schools, helping elderly people stay in their homes, pushing for better health care, or any one of many other needs I want to help others with a hand up.

But when it comes to those who willingly allow their lives to drift to drugs is where my compassion ends.  I am not heartless or cold.  But frankly the choice to start injecting heroin is also the time that idea can be  rejected.

When it comes to social needs  I am pragmatic about where the limited resources we have are best spent.  When people have allowed their lives to become so out of control that this below is the outcome then as a citizen and taxpayer I feel the right to say enough.

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On Wednesday afternoon, a police officer in East Liverpool, Ohio, stopped a vehicle for driving erratically and made a shocking discovery: The driver was barely conscious. A woman was slumped across the passenger seat next to him, turning blue.

In the back of the vehicle, a 4-year-old boy sat restrained in a car seat, according to a police report.

The officer called an ambulance, and when the EMTs arrived, they administered the lifesaving drug Narcan, used to reverse opioid overdoses. After 47-year-old James Lee Acord and 50-year-old Rhonda L. Pasek were revived, police arrested them and contacted Columbiana County Children’s Services.

Acord pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 180 days in jail on charges of driving under the influence and endangering children, according to a local news report. Pasek pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct, endangering children and a seat-belt violation.