Money, Money, Money

This is one aspect to an election that denotes a winning campaign strategy.  I can detest the huge amount of money required to run a race for the White House but I always admit that given the rules of the road it is a needed part for a victory.

“Hillary Clinton could spend $2.2 million every day until the Nov. 8 election without running out. And every month she widens her cash advantage over Donald Trump. As of Sept. 1, it was a $55 million gulf. Yet the Democratic nominee is not letting up on gas when it comes to fundraising … Her allies say the continued fundraising helps other Democrats because the party can keep building up voter turnout operations. It also serves as protection in a rollicking race against a man who claims to be worth $10 billion and once said he was willing to spend up to $1 billion to get elected. So far, he’s put about $60 million of his own money in his campaign.”  

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