Dealing With Hillary Clinton’s Health Issue

Lets cut right to the core of the matter following the episode yesterday when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton swooned and felt ill which required her to leave the 9/11 program in New York.

This matter will almost certainly dominate the news cycle for the next few days and could become a major problem, if it’s not addressed head-on in a meaningful and transparent way.  The reason it has the potential for harm to her campaign is not so much the fact she has pneumonia itself or that good health is a serious prerequisite for public office.

Instead this has potential problems due to the sorrowful way this campaign season has played out with an  obsession of conspiracy theorists claiming all sorts of wild ideas about the health of Clinton.

The lack of transparency in so many parts of the Clinton world allows for the crazy element in the nation to make statements that miss the mark of facts by miles, but do have the ability to gain traction in a nation that is too often short on educated people.

There needs to be a triple dose of candor in the next 24 hours with the campaign also committing itself to making a much requested and much needed change as it relates to the press.

As I post this there has not yet been established a protective pool of reporters who travel with the Secret Service bubble to track the candidate’s public movements.  Some readers will say here again this blogger is making it all about the press.  Yes I am, and for a very good reason that played out on Sunday.

Protective pools exist for this very purpose. Reporters were left in the dark Sunday for more than an hour by the Clinton campaign after she mysteriously departed the 9-11 ceremony. The campaign later put out a statement and she left her daughter’s New York City apartment 45 minutes later, after which they told the press she was on her way to her home.

The press needs to have this pool to keep watch of and know what is occurring with a candidate who very probably will be our next president.  The lack of such a pool shows what happens when the Clinton campaign failed to allow for that to happen.  There needs to be a change made at once to allow a true protective pool to be able to travel in the same Secret Service protected-motorcade to every place the candidate goes.

The press, instead, were left behind Sunday when she abruptly left the memorial, and was not kept apprised of what was happening in real time. That is not what the press need to have happen so to do their job, and the lack of reporting allows for a lack of information the nation needs.  The lack of solid reporting also allows the wackos in America to spin lies and rumors that have no basis in fact.

The Clinton campaign has been presented with a real problem they need to deal with and one they have no alternative in handling except by moving forward with total transparency.