List Of Wisconsin Gas Stations Where Card Skimmers Found On Pumps

Here’s a full list of all the Wisconsin locations where card skimmers have been found at gas stations. Thanks to Solly for this information.


  • Whitney Way Mobil, 699 South Whitney Way, Madison
  • Farzo LLC, 699 South Gammon Road, Madison
  • MS Mobil, 3019 East Washington Avenue, Madison
  • BP Amoco Food Shop, 318 South Park Street, Madison
  • Avenue Shell, 4821 East Washington Avenue, Madison
  • Milton Travel Center, 1262 Arthur Drive, Milton
  • J&R Express Mart, 650 Midland Road, Janesville
  • Newville Travel Plaza, 581 East Richardson Springs Road, Edgerton
  • Tri-Par Qwik Stop, 580 Orth Drive, Random Lake
  • Camp Douglas BP, 215 Highway 12/16, Camp Douglas
  • Dino Stop II, 1280 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Lake Delton
  • 7 Eleven, 7610 W. Rawson Avenue, Franklin
  • Open Pantry, 17235 Bluemound Road, Brookfield
  • BB Mobil Mart, 4320 West Prospect Avenue, Appleton
  • Jackson Street Mobil, 5171 Jackson Street, Oshkosh

Polls Need To Be Taken In Context

There is no surprise that some polls show a tightening of the general election for president.  But having said that it also needs to be stressed that the sky is not darkening or about to fall as Stuart Rothenberg correctly notes.

So, the next time you see media reports that Florida or Ohio is ‘close’ or that Pennsylvania is ‘tightening,’ you should not be surprised. They are narrowly divided states where it is difficult for one party to blow out the other in a competitive federal election.

But being ‘close’ isn’t the same thing as saying a state is a ‘toss up’ or both candidates have the same chance of winning it.

And because of that, the Clinton-Trump race can be both ‘competitive’ and even ‘close’ in a state and nationally, but at the same time clearly favor one nominee – in this case Clinton.

Electoral College Makes Republican White House Win Out Of Sight For Years

Given how Republicans react to things that do not work in their favor, such as changing laws about voting, how long before we hear about undoing the Electoral College?  Except the results would really sting them in the backside.  The only way forward for the GOP is to moderate and join the 21st century!

“The presidential election map is undergoing a fundamental change, with shifts that will make it easier for Democrats to win not only in 2016 but also for years to come,” McClatchy reports.

“Driving the change are two demographic trends: The share of Hispanic and under-30 voters, who favor Democrats in big numbers, is growing significantly in states that in the last decade were decent bets to vote Republican.”

“Colorado, Nevada and Pennsylvania illustrate how the demographic changes are giving Hillary Clinton an electoral advantage Democrats are unlikely to lose anytime soon. Clinton leads in Pennsylvania and Colorado, which for years were regarded as swing states, and she has a polling edge in Nevada.”

Hate Legislation Forces NCAA Tournament To Move

There is news of a positive variety to report today from the Raleigh News & Observer

Since the North Carolina legislature last March passed House Bill 2, a controversial law restricting transgender bathroom access and limiting the civil rights and bathroom usage of the LGBT community, the state has lost the NBA All-Star Game, Bruce Springsteen and other concerts and conventions and an untold amount of revenue.

Now North Carolina is losing the NCAA tournament. The NCAA announced on Monday that the seven championships scheduled in the state during this academic year, including NCAA men’s basketball tournament games in Greensboro, would be relocated because of House Bill 2, better known as HB2.