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Technology And Congress

September 14, 2016

This is just too wonderful not to share.  Prepare for a smile.

It is February 29, 1956 and after some doubts about the health of President Eisenhower and his ability to seek a second term the decision has been made to run again.    The radio networks ran the bulletin at 10:52 A.M.    This was the same time the House Armed Services Committee was holding a hearing and a witness was listing some statistics that were as sexy as only stats can be.

Chairman Ed Hebert of Louisiana all of a sudden beat his gavel and announced the news to the room of reporters and other members of the committee.  After the clamor of the news had quieted a member of the committee asked how Herbert had known.    After all no phones had rung and no notes had passed, and no had entered the room.

It was then that Herbert admitted that rather than listen to the witness he had been tuned to one of the new transistor radios that had been tucked into his pocket of his coat and the earpiece looked like a hearing aid–hey why not?



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