Donald Trump’s Lasting Stain On America

You probably have imagined, as I have, what type of person would be a ‘birther’.  They have to be white men of course with low self-esteem who can only feel better when trying to take  others of stature down.  “Birthers’ have to be insignificant in their towns and workplaces, and most likely in their own homes, too.   These men are best summed up in books and movies who paint the dim-witted and gullible as tragic figures.

But who stirs the cesspool of hate and bigotry so to attract the ones who do not know better?

In the case of trying to spin lies about the U.S. citizenship of President Barrack Obama the one with the spoon is Donald Trump.  He actually made a political name for himself with his shameful actions.  I am not sure who needs to get more blame. The man with low morals and lack of character or the uneducated masses who would rather look for someone to hate than work on their own shortcomings.

No matter what Trump says now–as with his statement that “President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period.” there is never going to be anything in the pages of history other than a dark stain associated with Trump’s name.

Trump used smears and out-right bigotry to attempt t0 delegitimize our first black president.  The whole center of his outrageous lie was to somehow make it seem this nation did not make a legitimate social step by electing American-born Obama.    History of course has been made by Obama and Trump is relegated to his place in it, too.  As a scummy person who failed at being a man of character.

There is no way for Trump to reclaim any high ground on this matter as he ceded that away when he took the dark path of conspiracy theories and unleashed his biases.

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