How Many Gay Couples In Your Zip Code? Find Out With Most Detailed Map Of Gay Marriage in America

Hat tip to Dan.

Place your mouse over the map of the United States and follow the zip codes to allow insight into how many same sex marriages exist.  The numbers are surely higher than this map as only those couples who file taxes jointly were counted for this data.  Yet it is most revealing how far we have come as a nation.

For Madison (or those who live in the 537 zip codes) there are 511 same-sex marriages or 1.15% of all married couples.  There are 366 female couples and 146 male couples.  There are 44,575 married couples in total.

For the area of my hometown, Hancock, and the Coloma area and all those in the 549 zip codes there are 140 same-sex couples with 88 females 52 males.

But a new research paper published by the Treasury Department on Monday has found an interesting way around these problems: tax records.

By linking the tax returns of same-sex couples who filed jointly in 2014 with their Social Security records, researchers are able to give us the most accurate picture of same-sex marriages to date. And their estimate is this: In 2014 there were 183,280 same-sex marriages in America, roughly a third of 1 percent of all marriages.

The data also reveals another, more subtle geographical difference in male vs. female same-sex married couples. The top 20 cities for male same-sex married couples are more likely to include dense city centers like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, while the top 20 cities for female same-sex married couples tend to include smaller and medium-size cities like Springfield, Mass.; Madison, Wis.; and Burlington, Vt.

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