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Is Mark Begich Smoking Something Other Than Salmon?

September 17, 2016

This is perhaps the most improbable candidate and outcome that can be envisioned for November.  But after all we have seen why should this not also be added to the things to be monitored?  Let us be honest and say at the outset the deranged loony right-wingers just can not accept that they were defeated in a number of statewide elections in Alaska.  Their time would be better spent watching ice melt or betting on which neighbor will be the next one chased by a polar bear rather than think Senator Murkowsi is about to be bested by a Libertarian in a general election. Someone is smoking something in Alaska and I do not think it is salmon!

Running a last-minute, write-in campaign for Senate might seem like a crazy idea for Mark Begich.

But confidants of the former senator say he really might enter the Alaska race, convinced that the example of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s own successful write-in campaign in 2010 and the unusual dynamic of this year’s ballot give him an opportunity to win.  

Murkowski was expected to cruise to re-election against an underfunded Democratic opponent and a handful of other third-party opponents, including Libertarian nominee Joe Miller.

Murkowski lost to Miller in the 2010 GOP Senate primary but defeated him in the general election thanks to an improbable write-in campaign. She appeared to have avoided him in 2016, until Miller was unexpectedly added to the ballot last week as the Senate nominee for the Libertarian Party.

Miller’s candidacy convinced Begich he could win, according to Lottsfeldt, who has also advised Murkowski. The Republican vote would split between Murkowski and Miller, the thinking goes, while Begich unifies Democrats and left-leaning independents.

“All of a sudden, you see all of [Murkowski’s] votes on the right dissipating,” Lotssfeldt said. “So she needs votes on the left, but now the left is going … why not vote for one of our own?”

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