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September 21, 2016

Though I have huge disdain for the amount of money spent on campaigns I do recognize the importance of this spending and follow it as it works its way through the process.  The latest news is staggering on one side of the ledger for those who wish to curtail the costs of campaigns, and mind-boggling when considering the lop-sided nature of how it is being used by the various parties.

Hillary Clinton and her allies continue to dominate Donald Trump and pro-Trump outside groups in the 2016 advertising race. According to ad-spending data from Advertising Analytics, Clinton’s campaign has spent $96.4 million in ads in the general election, versus $17.3 million for Trump’s campaign. That’s more than a 5-to-1 advantage for Clinton. And then when you factor in outside groups, it’s $156.6 million for Team Clinton, and $33.6 million for Team Trump. That’s almost a 5-to-1 advantage.

That to me is a powerful reflection of where this election is as we approach the first presidential debate.

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