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“Not Voting Is Not An Option”

September 21, 2016

It is only natural that the party out of power in the White House for the past eight years will have a more natural interest in doing everything possible to win.  So it is easy to see  why there would be a great deal of enthusiasm for the party hoping to regain the White House. I say that in the abstract as there is no way any reasonable person could say the best interests of those out of power are best served with Donald Trump being the alternative come this November.

And conversely there is a bit of taking things for granted that keeps Democrats–most notably younger Democrats–from feeling a driving need to retake the Oval Office.   Much has been written about millennials and their lackadaisical approach to this election.  A number of recent polls have shown Clinton is not faring as well among young voters who are necessary to counter the GOP advantage with older voters–especially angry white males who think they are the new oppressed minority in the nation.  It is amusing to see some of the young voters who clearly have little experience in politics talk about perhaps voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson or Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

Spitting into the wind is also an option.

I am not laughing about this matter–but for older folks the folly of throwing a vote away is clear to see and understand.    However, the reason to take these younger voters into account and work them to the election booth is that the alternative candidates, who garnered just 1.5 percent of the vote when their names were on the ballot four years ago, may be pulling from Clinton if the polls at this time are correct.

Lets recall that Obama captured 60% of the under 30 vote in 2012, compared to just 37% for Mitt Romney.   There is simply no reason to not expect that young voters in 2016–given the totally repulsive and unacceptable nature of Trump–should not be brought into the Clinton camp.  At the end of the election I believe most of them will come around to the fact there is no real alternative.

One great continuing reason to hold out hope for this happening is due to what still is termed the “Stewart effect” where young people often tell pollsters they get their news from late night talk shows.  This week Stephen Colbert took the gloves off and smacked Donald Trump harder then ever.  

I clearly prefer responsible, traditional journalism but too often young voters turn to talk show personalities using the guise of humor to deliver the news. Most are partisan, but for the youth who don’t watch the 6 or 10 o’clock news, don’t watch the nightly news programs, AND definitely don’t read newspapers this Is their source!   With these types of outreach for their vote I am confident that come November college campuses and the youth vote will come home to the party.

At the end of this election cycle it should be clear to all–especially the younger voters–that “Not Voting Is Not An Option”.  They have too many years ahead of them and too many reasons to vote for experience and proven results to just throw their vote away.

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  1. September 27, 2016 10:25 PM

    The answer to your question is simply live with the consequences they aid in creating.

  2. purplepenquin permalink
    September 27, 2016 3:06 PM

    Voting outside of the TwoMajorParties is NOT the same as “not voting”, and shame on you for pushing that false narrative. Not voting at all means that the person has basically given up on the entire system, while someone who casts a vote for a third/fourth party is saying they while they can’t accept either of the two major candidates they still have some hope that things can get better down the line. And history has proven that “outside” political parties can have a major influence on policies and laws. Women’s suffrage, child labor laws, 40-hour work week, and the passage as well as the repeal of Prohibition are came about in America as a direct result of alternative political parties….would hardly call that “spitting in the wind.” Instead of looking down your nose on those folks who are seeking answers elsewhere, you should be thanking them for remaining committed to our democratic process rather than just giving up and staying home.

    Would also like to add that the only vote that is “thrown away” is the one that a person has to hold their nose for while casting it…while I know you are proud to be voting for Clinton this election, a lot of progressives simply can’t being themselves to waste their vote on a warmongering chickenhawk who used to belong on the board of WalMart and beleives that marijuana is more dangerous than cocaine. Those people are never gonna vote for someone like that (nor for someone like Trump) – so what would you have them do?

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