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Why Is Donald Trump Afraid Of Real Journalists?

September 21, 2016

I have made it plain to all I firmly feel that Hillary Clinton should hold an all-out press conference.  It would be a solid way to show her leadership skills, allow for insight into some matters that deserve more attention, and I strongly suspect it would aid in her campaign for the White House.  I always think more knowledge about the candidates running for office is the best for the nation.

But now I need to turn with equal angst to Donald Trump who loves to speak with bimbos all types on FAUX News almost every day but keeps saying “no” to actual news reporters and journalists from other major networks and news organizations.   Trump plays it cozy with the folks at “Fox & Friends”, “The O’Reilly Factor”, and all but cuddles in the lap of the ever-smarmy Sean Hannity.

The political aspect to this tactic from Trump is plain to see.  He can throw red meat to the angry white males who are easy to manipulate and thereby limit his exposure to hard-hitting questions from real reporters who do have a long list of matters they want responses to so in order to better inform the voters.

While it once was true that Trump was more accessible to the press than Clinton, that statement is no longer true.  Trump has not held a press conference since July.  Clinton has at least taken questions from reporters at half a dozen press availabilities.

The debates will be a rude awakening to Trump as the moderators will be required to push and drill down for specifies.  Broad generalities which lack facts or substance will not be tolerated.  No moderator wants to the have the words spoken about Matt Lauer to also be applied to them.

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  1. Frank B. permalink
    October 10, 2016 4:36 AM

    Watching the debate last night answers your question. He was pitiful!

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