What We Learned This Week About Donald Trump

The main thing we have learned this week is that no matter what some campaign operative try to tell us the fact is there is only one real Donald Trump.  We saw that real person not only on the debate stage but also on full display Tuesday as he continued his usual style of bombastic and awful behavior.

Instead of recognizing what all the nation knows–that Trump soundly lost the debate–Trump claimed that he won.  Then in the same breath he complained about the moderator, the questions, and even the microphone he used at his podium.

Hillary Clinton had to remind him that winners don’t complain about the equipment.

What was most telling about who Trump really is comes down to how easy it was to get under his orange skin and make him act out in a rash manner.  Clinton brought up a former Miss Universe whom Trump had attacked for gaining weight. Unsavory as his words were at the time (now about 20 years ago) and taking the politically mature road and leave the issue alone he latched onto it and made it the day’s headlines.   Simply horrifying to those few people in his campaign with any sense of what is actually required to run a general election for president.

What we learned this week is that Clinton did her homework and in the end was a powerhouse on the debate stage by setting the trap for Trump and then smiling as he walked directly into it.  It only took a few buttons to be pressed and the bizarre and unstable and untethered being known as Donald Trump looked like a man off his meds.

If that is all it takes to me Trump lose his common sense exactly how would he plan to deal with world leaders?

Some have argued–as I did–that there were parts of the debate where he was able to score points such as over trade.  So there was a way for the campaign to then claim in some way they scored a partial victory.  But with Trump being exactly the type of person we all know him to be he turned it into a solid loss.

Thanks to Clinton.