More Voter ID Woes For Wisconsin Republicans

When one first seeks to deceive….

Readers know how I feel about the purely partisan attempt by conservative Republicans to undermine voting rights in this state and around the nation.  As study after study has shown, there is virtually no voter fraud anywhere in the country. The most comprehensive investigation to date found that out of one billion votes cast in all American elections between 2000 and 2014, there were 31 possible cases of impersonation fraud. Other violations — like absentee ballot fraud, multiple voting and registration fraud — are also exceedingly rare.

The only reason to play with voting rights is to exclude minorities and lower economic positioned people from casting a vote. Now more shenanigans have come to light from the partisans in Wisconsin who want to game out election process.

Shame on them!! Shame on Governor Scott Walker for undermining the political process in our state!

The state of Wisconsin must investigate reports that Division of Motor Vehicles employees gave false information to a person who applied for an ID to vote in the upcoming election, a federal judge ordered Friday.

Judge James Peterson’s order followed a report this week by The Nation that cast doubt on whether Gov. Scott Walker’s administration is following a judge’s instructions in a court challenge to the state’s voter ID law.

The Nation report focused on audio recordings of exchanges with employees at a Madison DMV office in which they appear to thwart efforts by a homeless man, Zack Moore, to obtain an ID to vote in November. 

Peterson, who is presiding over one of two pending legal challenges to Wisconsin’s voter ID law, ruled in July that the state must promptly provide voter ID credentials, valid in the November election, to people who request them — even if they lack some of the underlying documents needed to obtain an ID.

In his order Friday, Peterson said The Nation report and another by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel raise the question of whether the DMV is following his instructions.”These reports, if true, demonstrate that the state is not in compliance with this court’s injunction order” from July, Peterson wrote.

Peterson’s order instructs the state to “investigate these allegations and provide a report to the court by Oct. 7.”

4 thoughts on “More Voter ID Woes For Wisconsin Republicans

  1. I wonder which of the Guv’s appointees will be asked to ‘fall on the sword’ for this. As a former longtime state employee (LTE mostly), I’m guessing front-line workers will be punished — not the supervisors who directed them to give the responses they gave. IMHO of course.

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