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Will Alder Marsha Rummel Get Mobil Gas Station On East Side To Close?

September 30, 2016

There is a criminal infestation at Mobil gas station at 3019 E. Washington Avenue that is at the root as to why the residents of that neighborhood are demanding it be shut down.

That was the place I had pulled into for a fill up when a guy in a car parked near the service pumps asked me if I wanted to buy anything.  When I glanced over he had an array of hard-core pornography.   It was daylight and I was wondering what alter universe I had slipped into.

That pales of course to the recent shooting incidents in that neighborhood or the obvious drug activity that can be noticed even by a blind man.  It is therefore totally appropriate that locals in the area have called for the closure of the gas station.

Police are well aware of what they describe as an “almost open-air drug market” and have made attempts to bring the low-life’s into line with the law.  It is reported that this location  has become a home base for sellers and buyers of marijuana, heroin and crack.  As we know from statistics this then results in a rise of violence and drug activity in nearby neighborhoods.

I applaud those who have made it their focus to deal with the recent violence and find ways to improve the neighborhood’s safety.  In addition, I am always hoping the alder for the district, Marsha Rummel, will be more successful in doing the real work for the residents than she is typically known for.  After all, painting the pavement at intersections with flowers will not stem the drug trade at this station.  There needs to be competent and serious work done to get the needs and safety of the locals met in that neighborhood.  We all must hope she is up to the task.  She never is proactive with anything so we need to hope she can at least do something positive in a reactive mode.

There should be nothing but shame on the face of the owner of the station.  If that person will not or can not fix the problem the city has ways to get the job done for the taxpayers and citizens who live there and stop in to get gasoline.

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