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Brenda Konkel On Wrong Side Of Intoxicated People In Grocery Store

October 1, 2016

There are words for people who are continuously trying to rub common sense out of our society.   Former alderperson Brenda Konkel has turned herself into Madison’s biggest complainer about almost everything.  If she is not whining about some policy idea from the mayor she is kvetching about why homeless people should be able to sprawl out anywhere they wish in the downtown area.

Her latest beef with common sense comes after Festival Foods made it known they are going to place some rules–given what is coming to their neighborhood–about those who enter their establishment and are intoxicated.

On her Facebook page Konkel worries that “Festival Foods plans to refuse entry to intoxicated people . . . think that means all intoxicated people? Or just some? I can imagine that some of those folks in those apartments might come in intoxicated . . . . especially after Badger games . . . .”

She seems unpleased with a most logical policy as she continues with her post.

Here are the actions that are planned:
1. Customers who come to Festival Foods intoxicated will be refused entry.
2. If a customer steals or is disruptive, the police will be contacted. In addition to addressing the immediate problem, this will serve to record the incident and the police department can gather statistics. The customer causing the problem will not be allowed back.
3. Festival is planning to revamp the liquor department and will add locked storage for some of their products, as well as lowering shelving so there is a better view of guests shopping.

The horror!

I for one have no interest in shopping with intoxicated people and more to the point do not wish for the homeless to make use of the restrooms at this nice grocery store in the same way they abused privileges at the city-county building.  See, I think rank and file Madison citizens have some rights, too.

Being reasonable about this segment of the population does not make anyone hard-hearted.  But to complain about every proposal which allows for the vast majority of the citizenry (you and I ) to proceed with day-to-day living is simply just a need that Konkel has so to call attention to herself.

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