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Settling Scores Does Not Make For A President

October 1, 2016

No matter how many times one reads or hears about it there is still a ‘you just have to be kidding’ quality to the story.

The orange-skinned Republican presidential nominee wakes from his silk pillow case to send wicked tweet missives at 3:20 A.M., 5:14 A.M., 5:19 A.M., and 5:30 A.M. Friday morning all because he was in a nasty snit with reality.

In those tweets he called former Latina Miss Universe Alicia Machado “disgusting,” hyped her “sex tape and past,” and suggested without even one small piece of evidence that Hillary Clinton helped the woman become a U.S. citizen.   (And so what if she had?)

We are all suppose to be dazzled recently that Trump has been able to read from a teleprompter. It is aimed to make him expound with fewer crazy comments at rallies.  This past week I read how the Soviets trained an animal to push buttons while in orbit around earth.  The buttons which lighted up and dispensed water and treats during the early days of missile launches during the Eisenhower era.   So all things being equal…..

The pre-dawn tweet tirade underscores that there is a huge temperament problem from Trump which can explode with the mere use of a few words–such as the ones Hillary Clinton uttered at the close of the first debate.  What we have seen over the past 4 days (and counting) is a stunning lack of political discipline.   With 38 days until Election Day–and the baking of Grandma’s Jam Cake for our party–one thing is very clear.  Trump is just playing into the Clinton campaign’s hand. There is no longer a political strategy being displayed by the GOP nominee—only score-settling.

And that is not what the citizens of this nation needs or expects from the next president.

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