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Whatever Happened To Checkers, The Nixon Family Dog?

October 1, 2016

While reading The Glory And The Dream by William Manchester a wonderful piece of trivia was presented on page 1265.

Checkers, the black and white cocker spaniel which was the turning point for a televised speech by then vice-presidential candidate Richard Nixon in 1952,  will die during the campaign season of 1964 at the age of twelve.  In October while in Iowa he is presented with another cocker and urged to call it Checkers II.   That was not to be–the first dog was not to be replaced in that fashion.   On December 31, 1964 RN placed a headstone over the graver of Checkers.

Manchester then writes one more line to that part of the story given what happened to the GOP that election season.

To many it seemed symbolic.

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