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Why Bob Woodward Does Not Vote

October 1, 2016

This morning while eating breakfast I watched an interview off the DVR with famed reporter and author Bob Woodward.  He was part of last weekends National Book Festival which took place in Washington, D.C.

His latest book is The Last Of The President’s Men which deals with Alexander Butterfield who is now 90.  It was the testimony of Butterfield which alerted investigators to the secret recording President Nixon had made inside the White House and Executive Office Building.

In one of the phoned-in questions taken by the Washington Post reporter something was noted that I think is rather important to note, again.

When asked about his intentions come November Woodward stated he does not vote due to the need to be an objective journalist at a time when so many question reporters and biases.   It is easier for him to do his job and search for the truth if he has not taken a ballot and filled it out.

I have always been a Woodard fan since high school when reading All The President’s Men (co-authored by Carl Bernstein).  When I was a boy these two reporters made me take notice as they were in the news daily, (or so it seemed) while undertaking what I thought was an adventurous role.  As reporters they were at the center of the political explosion of Watergate and cracked the White House of President Nixon into pieces that the nation could better understand.    They were intrepid reporters and made many younger people, such as myself, think about the journalism route.

I posted about this topic also in June 2009 where it was reported that the last candidate Woodward cast a ballot for was Richard Nixon.

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