Can You Imagine Being At This Yalta Reunion (Of Sorts)

Earlier I posted about the death of Curtis Roosevelt.   There was one part to The New York Times obituary which I wanted to highlight with a separate post and so did not add to the original one on his death.


Mr. Roosevelt, center, in 2005, when he met in the Netherlands with the grandsons of Stalin (left) and Churchill. Credit Ermindo Armino/Associated Press        

In 2005, Mr. Roosevelt met with two other grandsons of the Big Three leaders of World War II, Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union and Winston Churchill of Britain. He, Winston S. Churchill III and Yevgeni Dzhugashvili gathered at Maastricht in the Netherlands to review the legacy of their grandfathers’ 1945 conference at Yalta.  It was the first time members of the three families had been together since their grandfathers attended the 1945 Yalta conference.

“History had my family in its grip,” Mr. Roosevelt once said, “and I had no choice but to go along for the ride.”

Can you just imagine after the decades had passed and history had been allowed to be digested to then sit and reflect and evaluate events and personalities in the way these three men were able to do?  Simply awesome to think about.

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