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Donald Trump’s Awful Week, About As Bad As John McCain Dealing With Sarah Palin

October 3, 2016

Good reads.

Bloomberg: The worst week of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign began with a widely criticized debate performance and ended with a bombshell report that he could have avoided paying federal income taxes for 18 years.

In between, the blustery Republican lashed out at a Latina beauty queen in a series of 5 a.m. tweets, faced opposition from conservative editorial boards, went after Bill Clinton’s history of infidelity while refusing to discuss his own, was found to have appeared in a Playboy soft-core porn film, mocked Hillary Clinton’s recent battle with pneumonia, and told a crowd she ‘could actually be crazy’.

First Read: Trump may have had the worst week in recent presidential campaign history, though we’d argue that John McCain having to deal in late Sept. 2008 with the economic collapse, as well as Sarah Palin, was probably worse.

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