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Should A Wisconsin Donald Trump Supporter Be Around Your Children?

October 3, 2016

I can honestly say there has not been one voter I personally know who has told me they are supporting Donald Trump or plan to cast a ballot for him.  I ‘know’ people online who have stated such, but as for people I actually know there is not a single person who has made such a claim.

And for good reason.  Pick up daily newspapers and the reason as to why they would be highly reluctant or ashamed to make such a claim is obvious to all who follow politics.

But what are to make of those who do support Trump or will cast their vote for him in the election?  I think it only proper that we place their character and values up for discussion and link them to the words and actions of the one they wish to place in the highest office in the land.

The Economist is prized as a most seasoned and professional newspaper since 1843.  They are serious and can often be defined as staid.  So when they write the following it is not for effect but to underscore a larger truth.

Until this year, a conservative record on questions of faith and personal morality was a prerequisite for winning the Republican nomination. During the 2012 primaries there was speculation about whether Mr Romney’s quiet Mormon faith would put off such values voters. In 2016 this has all been erased. When Mr Trump divorced the first of his three wives, Ivana, he let the New York tabloids know that one reason for the separation was that her breast implants felt all wrong.

We need not be reminded that a certain segment of the nation has allowed this type of person to become a nominee of one of the two main political parties.

The type of person who would cast a ballot for Trump is something we need to be mindful of.  Do we wish them to join us for meals or be around our children?  Do we desire for the low-life qualities that they seem to galvanize around in this election to be the same ones they impart to our children?

Living in Madison I understand that having anyone I know being a Trump supporter is about as impossible as seeing a polar bear amble down my street.  But in those rural parts of Republican strongholds in the state I think it fair to ask the following questions.

Would you feel comfortable as a parent if a Trump supporter sat at your dinner table?  A supporter of someone who denigrates a prisoner of war, laughs and mimics disabled or ill people, has a proven record of misogynist, xenophobic,  racial, and religious  animus and proudly does not pay taxes?   Is that person in your home welcome to engage with your children and  spread those views around?

I recall as a teenager one of my relatives at the dinner table started talking about if our military had engaged in the right number of troops, or type of tactics in the Vietnam War.  It produced some strong feelings.  But never once would it have occurred to my parents that the topic not suited for ‘kids’.

But given what has passed for political conversation during the Trump campaign parents now have to question what is best for the family.   When the words about the size of hands or the monthly cycles for women blend with the mockery of disabled people and the slurs about women we need to question how best to raise kids in such an environment.

Therefore it is totally appropriate to ask if those who embrace the views of Trump should sit alongside our kids at the dining table.

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  1. October 4, 2016 11:47 AM


    You hardly have a grasp of American politics to think you have the ability to wade into Russia’s complicated political alignments.

  2. pkarm61 permalink
    October 4, 2016 9:20 AM

    Your question is about as stupid when people ask”would you want your child to have a gay scout leader take them on a camping trip?” Both questions are ignorant but you being a Moscow liberal only see one as offensive

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