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Proof Political Rules Of The Road Apply

October 7, 2016

I have continually said that at the end of this political process the rules of the road–such as how campaigns are structured or the basic ideals of voters–will again come to bear heavily upon the outcome.

NBC News  has such a story this morning that underscores one of those elements, the ground game.  I have voiced again and again that a large and burly rally for Donald Trump is not as effective as the hard work of putting a competent campaign apparatus in key states.   The reason why the time-proven methods needed to be employed are now coming to light.

Democrats entered the fall campaign with an army of paid staffers close to five times the size of Republicans according to Federal Election Commission filings.

At the end of August, the most recent date for which data is available, Democrats employed at least 4,200 people working to elect Hillary Clinton, with about 800 at the Clinton campaign, 400 at the Democratic National Committee, and nearly 3,000 on the payrolls of state parties in 13 battleground states, which typically employ a majority of field organizers.

Republicans, meanwhile, employed about 880 people during the same period, with about 130 at the Donald Trump campaign, another 270 at the Republican National Committee, and roughly 480 at the 13 state parties.

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