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Will Mike Pence Replace Donald Trump As GOP Nominee?

October 7, 2016

Is Donald Trump soon to be ousted as the Republican nominee due to the “I can not make this up’ latest news? Trump is a rotten man to the core and needs to be kicked in the back side by every able-bodied American. Every women should get two kicks!

There is no way that the GOP can carry Trump on their backs and expect to have any sense of a party after the debacle that will fall upon them at the ballot box.  So the question is will the GOP chose the nuclear option that is available to them and remove Trump as their nominee?

Such a move will tear the GOP in two and force the three-thumb numb-chucks to grind their teeth and bluster about how unfair such a move is to them.   But the Paul Ryan and John Kasich parts of the party have long-term needs and will hunker down and come out on the other side.

Mike Pence is polling well after the vice-presidential debate and would be a stronger contender as a GOP nominee than Trump.  Chaos is not the way for the GOP to gain the White House but it now seems to be the path they will need to face.

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