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Melania Trump Knows What She Likes About Donald Trump

October 8, 2016

Let us be honest about why anyone would slide into bed as a wife to Donald Trump.   As Cuba Gooding, Jr. reminded us over and over it can be summed up by saying ‘show us the money’.

So it comes as no surprise that Melania Trump today hoped voters in this nation will forgive the trashy side of her husband.  Trump was caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women, claiming he could because he was a celebrity.

Just a few months after Trump had yet another wedding–this time with Melania– video tape shows him talking about trying to have sex with another married woman.  Melania seems to feign ignorance of what she attached herself to for the money and now says was offended by her husband’s sexually aggressive comments about women.  Like this latest episode was more proof than the many other examples she has been presented with.

Which only allows us to conclude that Melania is only eager to call attention to the predatory and nasty habits of his rich husband when he is facing a political debacle of the likes this nation has never seen before.

Melania can claim that the tape released on Friday does not represent the man she knows.  But it sure damn well represents the ego-driven morally bankrupt person this nation has come to know over the past year.

That is the person this nation is rejecting out of hand this weekend.

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  1. Rick W. permalink
    February 6, 2017 6:24 PM

    There was only one reason to go to bed with Trump. There is no mystery.

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