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When Will Mike Pence Take a Stand?

October 8, 2016

The national dialogue about Mike Pence leaving the Republican ticket is growing by the hour.  A Roll Call opinion piece is a must read.

If Pence leaves the ticket, he could redeem both himself and party in the eyes of many voters, especially Republicans who do not recognize the party they used to support, when it has been given over to a man whose only belief system is rooted in enriching and empowering and enjoying himself, no matter the cost to the people around him.

At that same Values Voter conference in 2010 where he spoke about public virtue, Pence gave his fellow conservatives advice that they could all probably use today as they face the moment that will define the GOP, the conservative movement, and all of them as individuals, from this moment forward.

“The time has come to take our stand,” Pence said then. “We must not be afraid and we must fight for what has always been the source of American greatness: our faith in God and our freedom.”

Mike Pence is a good man, but he is being used by a campaign to excuse and endorse the indefensible actions of Donald Trump. The time has come again for Mike Pence to take a stand.

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