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Why Congressional Republicans Are Seeking Four Leaf Clovers In October

October 9, 2016

There is something about a congressional Republican who smells defeat in the air that always catches my attention.  The ones who publically left the quickly sinking Donald Trump ship this weekend are months late.  To reject a candidate for vulgar comments made 11 years ago, while a correct action to take, does not explain why the same reaction was not made for the many crude and awful comments Trump made in real time this past year.

So let me cut to the core, or as my Grandma might say ‘lets shuck it down to the cob’, and state any Congressional Republican fleeing from Trump at this point is doing it purely out of political calculation and not bravery.

Those who made the move this weekend are way too late both morally and strategically. The Trump comments were beyond the pale, but everyone knew full well that Trump has always been this person we saw on the video.

Why then the jump for these Republicans?   Well it is now 30 days in what will be the most rocky election for the GOP in my lifetime. There are 469 other races for Congress on ballots around the country in a few weeks, and senior GOP operatives are beginning to be very concerned.  They smell the stench of defeat and after this weekend it is reeking over the land.

You may call me a partisan–and I am. But I also have studied politics for decades and pay more attention to it than the vast majority.

Without a doubt I say with full conviction that the House is more in play this morning than it was 72 hours ago.  But I am not the only one putting that on the table–top Republicans who are desperately trying to keep control of the chamber in the year of Trump are saying the same..

Look at what is happening in just three senate seats in the nation where the GOP is holding their backsides with both hands as they feel things slipping away. You can almost feel their butt plugs slipping out.   Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, and even Florida Senator Marco Rubio are fearing a backlash from the trashy Trump tape.

And when so many of the Trump types claim they will stand by their man come whatever–and we know the ‘whatever’ has more stops along the campaign trail until Election Day–the GOP professional operatives in the field know this type of mess will keep too many Republicans at home and not voting.  Though for different reasons does 1992 ring a bell to anyone?

I suspect that after the debate tonight which no ones expects to aid Trump in any way the GOP congressional meltdown goes into over-drive Monday morning.  There will be a desperate and unprecedented bid to save their seats.

But due to not having the moral courage to do it earlier means they have a better chance of being re-elected if they sought out a four-leaf clover.

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