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Second Debate Reflections Leave Sour Stomach

October 10, 2016

I may live another 50 years but am most certain that I will never again see such a low-ball and slimy debate as what this nation was presented last night.

There was nothing of substance from Donald Trump.  Zip. Zero. Zilch.   That should have been the first and only clue needed as to why he is unsuited to be allowed in the Oval Office.  Trump presented himself over and over to be petulant, and more eager to engage in conspiracy theories and twisted mind-games than a serious discussion about governing.

When he tied to claim that he was not responsible for the birther lie about our president and that instead Clinton was responsible–and did it with a straight face on national television with the largest audience ever seated for such a an event–well, it told voters all they needed to know.

The only moment of levity for those paying attention–which seemed to be everyone other than Trump–was when he complained about the moderators and begged them to ask a question about Clinton’s private email server–immediately after they had done just that.  Good Lord!

In truly the most bizarre and third-world image ever coming from an American debate stage took place when Trump threatened Clinton–should he win–of unleashing a special prosecutor to investigate her.  With South American despots surely in mind Trump blustered “You’d be in jail.”

So what is the bottom line from last night?

Trump stopped the artery from draining away after his sleazy and sexually predatory language caught on video tape which was leaving his campaign comatose.  He kept the angry while males drooling for more red meat.  But that pitiful segment of the vote is not enough to get anywhere near the 270 electoral votes he needs on Election Night.  His performance will not be enough to stop the short-term problem he faces of Republicans in congress bailing off his trashy and sinking ship.

America has seen enough to know what is needed to be done for the nation this November.

Talking with folks in my neighborhood I am somewhat surprised to learn how many have already cast an early vote.    The goal is for states like North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida to have 40% of their votes cast by Election Day.  With the headlines as they are it is no mystery as to how the majority are casting their ballot for the top of the ticket.

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