What If Only Men Or Women Voted In Presidential Race?

This is most telling as to why Donald Trump will lose the presidential election in four weeks.    From Five Thirty Eight.



4 thoughts on “What If Only Men Or Women Voted In Presidential Race?

  1. purplepenquin

    What makes it even weirder is that women wouldn’t have won the right to vote if it wasn’t for the 3rd/4th political parties making that into an issue….good thing that so many people “threw away” their votes back then, or it may be a totally different story now-a-days, eh?

  2. I never discounted issues that came from a third party. I have however stressed over and over harm that can has happened when one does not consider a vote as a responsibility. The invasion of Iraq would not have taken place had Gore won and if those who supported Nader had been more responsible with their vote. The irreparable harm that will befall this nation and the world should Trump somehow win underscores multiple times the seriousness people must have when weighing their decision this November. If a party can not win congressional races or senate or statehouse races they have zero credibility to think they should govern from the WH. This cycle there is a third-party person who does not think preventative shots to children to stop the spread of disease is valid and another who is severely limited about talking in any real way about global matters. I understand the point you were making with your comment but there has never been a time like the one we now face and fact our republic is so close to the edge in the way it is now forces all to take that vote they have and use it with full responsibility. There is no other way to look at this matter with maturity,

  3. purplepenquin

    I beleive the invasion of Iraq would not have happened if members of Congress, including then-Senator Clinton, had been more careful with their votes.


    Votes need to be earned…and mine is worth a lot more than just scare-tactics and attempts at guilt-trips.

  4. No one is trying to lay guilt trips. I need not try to scare you. The front page of the paper each morning for the past year and the fact our republic is at a tipping point with a dangerous demagogue as a major party nominee is all you need to consider.

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