Why Republicans Are Sweating Over Elections

It is now four weeks to Election Day.  Many are already writing the political obituary for Donald Trump.  But might we need to write one for the Republican Party, too?

Yesterday a stunning lead by Hillary Clinton was shown in a NBC/WSJ poll.  What caught my eyes were the numbers showing 9% of Republican voters saying the trashy Trump video from this past weekend means GOP candidates should no longer support Trump, and another 14% believe GOP candidates should call on Trump to drop out of the presidential race.

There is a simple and stark truth this matter.  There is no way to win a presidential race when nearly a quarter of your party thinks its candidates should dump Trump.

But lets spin this another way.  Roughly 2/3rds of those Republicans polled said they wanted GOP candidates to continue to support the sexual predator.

So if you are one of the growing number of members of congress moving away from Trump means they have two-thirds of their party’s voters disagreeing.

While this makes Democrats smile let me be clear and state that these numbers–and facts–are an unsustainable position for the Republican Party.

(Now cue the music for Happy Days Are Here Again!)

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