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More Than 500,000 Americans Have Voted–What Does It Tell Us

October 12, 2016

NBC News reports the following.

More than half a million votes have already been cast in the presidential election. That includes almost 90,000 in Iowa, 55,000 in Virginia, 31,000 in Florida and 22,000 in North Carolina. The early vote — along with registration drives and Election Day GOTV — is why reporters are so keen to understand campaigns’ resources when it comes to the vaunted ground-games of both sides. And it’s a big reason why, even though we’re a month out, swing state polls and candidate visits really, really matter. It’s worth noting that early voters are typically partisans who are far from undecided, but particularly in states where Democrats have a big advantage in the early vote (which includes some key battlegrounds), this is a time period where a well-organized Clinton campaign could run up the scoreboard long before November 8.

A reminder that if anyone wishes to assist as a volunteer at Madison libraries with early voting there is a need as the vote totals are high in the city.

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