Thanksgiving Scores Madison Victory As East And West Towne Malls Closed For National Holiday

In the midst of not always such good news to report comes something that many of us can find pleasure in.

As long-time readers know I have a real issue with those who try to steal Thanksgiving from the American public and turn it into just a huge shopping day.  If you listen to the lingo it can be summed up with the store owners claiming ‘We’re doing it simply to make our customers happy.’

This line has been spun so often that it can almost be recited from memory.  Everyone else is doing it so that means the rest of the merchants feel forced to open earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving because that’s what the competition is doing.  There are those who want retailers to think that by not opening on Thanksgiving a store is essentially conceding some chunk of sales to the competition. The battle for holiday sales and when stores should open is even more muddled by the fact that consumers can shop to their heart’s content no matter what the day, 24/7/365, because e-retail never closes.

Over the recent past many have talked about the fact Thanksgiving store hours don’t actually boost a retailer’s overall holiday sales. Rather, sales on the holiday simply displace sales that would otherwise have been rung up on Black Friday or later in the season.

With all that stated by this passionate blogger on the matter let me now report the good news.

CBL & Associates Properties, owner of West Towne and East Towne malls in Madison and the Janesville Mall, announced that the malls will be closed on Thanksgiving and won’t open for Black Friday shopping until 6 a.m. Nov. 25.  

Last week, Mall of America, the nation’s largest shopping center, announced that it would be closed on Thanksgiving after being open on the day since 2012. Hilldale Shopping Center has not been open on Thanksgiving in the past and will remain closed this year, according to its website.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Scores Madison Victory As East And West Towne Malls Closed For National Holiday

  1. Rita

    This is the way it should be. Tired of stores opening their doors and making it feel to many they should be shopping. I am having all the kids home for Thanksgiving and they have come every year since they married and we would have it no other way. I am glad to see others who share my feelings about this problem.

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