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Google Search For ‘Write-In’ Surges 2,800%

October 13, 2016

CNN reports.

Google Trends data indicates that the online searches for ‘write-in’ surged over the last week by more than 2,800%, hitting a record high since 2004. The states with the highest rates of search are not battlegrounds, but Republican and Democratic strongholds.

As of Wednesday evening, three of the top market searches for “write-in” came in solidly Democratic states: Vermont, Delaware and New Jersey. Utah, a reliably red state that no Democrat has won since Lyndon B. Johnson; and Indiana, home to Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, round out the top five.

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  1. Solly permalink
    October 13, 2016 5:20 PM

    There are times when a write-ins can be a political statement in itself. When the Cap Times was still a daily and had their “Sound-off” feature, I called in and suggested voters write in the name of a rural Dane County resident who was being persecuted, not prosecuted, for a tragic, fatal car crash by then D.A. William Foust who was running unopposed for re-election. A ticket was appropriate, maybe a civil lawsuit, but not criminal prosecution. The court found the same and the case was decided in the defendant’s favor. Dozens of Dane County residents joined me and the media took note. Didn’t change the results, but delivered a message. As a present poll-worker, I agree with the law not to tally every Mickey Mouse or Pluto or Ur-anus that people write in. However, I do still write-in when we have two unacceptable choices, or worse, no choice. I fully support a law to put “None of the above” on the ballot. Then maybe we wouldn’t have people in the many one-party gerrymandered districts ignore their constituents and raise special interest money for non-existent campaigns to give to their buddies in other districts. If they were likely to be embarrassed by a large NOTA vote or even better, lose, they may actually go door to door in their districts and listen and talk to people.

  2. October 13, 2016 3:06 PM

    I recall when working as a poll worker on UW-Madison campus–back when they still had the large lever type machines–too many students wrote in Mickey Mouse and Superman etc and made a mockery of the process. But at the end of a long day poll workers had to still count and tally the write-ins of the kind mentioned. Unless there is a credible effort for a write-in–and as you say with notice to clerk’s office there is no reason they need to be counted.

  3. purplepenquin permalink
    October 13, 2016 2:49 PM

    Should be noted that write-in votes in Wisconsin are no longer even counted unless the candidate registers with the county clerk(s) before the election.

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