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Donald Trump: Woman Was “Extremely Unattractive, Lots Of Problems Because Of Her Looks”

October 14, 2016

The words speak for themselves as reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

Here is a portion of a transcript of an unaired 1994 episode of ABC’s “Primetime Live” which featured Donald Trump being interviewed by Nancy Collins:

COLLINS: Let’s talk about women. Your feelings toward them seem conflicted, even chauvinistic, confusing since you adore and respect your mother so much.

TRUMP: I have great relationships with women, my mother, Ivana, Marla, my female executives are better than the men: tougher, smarter

COLLINS: So why in 1992 did you tell a writer for New York magazine, Marie Brenner, that ‘You have to treat women like shit” — ultimately pouring a bottle of wine down her back?

TRUMP: I didn’t say that. The woman’s a liar, extremely unattractive, lots of problems because of her looks.

COLLINS: That statement is exactly why women think you’re a chauvinist pig.

TRUMP: They’re right — and not. People say, “How can you say such a thing?” but there’s a truth in it, in a modified form. Psychologists will tell you that some women want to be treated with respect, others differently. I tell friends who treat their wives magnificently, get treated like crap in return, “Be rougher and you’ll see a different relationship.’ Unfortunately, with people in general, you get more with vinegar than honey.

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