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What About That Locker Room Talk?

October 14, 2016

Hat Tip To Solly.  This a great read.

Before we get to the article let me state that for a number of years when I first landed in Madison I worked out at a gym.  I came to know a few others who were there at the same time as me–one was an aide in the state senate and others worked at state offices downtown.  We all were like-minded in the sense we worked in government and so had issues of the day type conversations.  But never once did I ever hear anything that was aimed at sexual conquest or describing women or men in terms of being just a sexual object.

So I was surprised to hear–as I suspect many of my fellow citizens were–that Donald Trump used the term ‘locker room type language’ as a way to tamp down the outrage over the video where he talked about being a sexual predator.

Granted I was not addicted to the gym but tried to make it there 3x a week when I had a membership.  I seemed more comfortable hanging out with normal type guys when there and we all had a certain way of conducting ourselves both at the gym and so it seemed in the work world.    So perhaps that then explains why I can honestly say never once did I hear anything that resembled what Trump would have us believe takes place for banter in the locker room.

Perhaps it is the character of the person who takes the gym bag into the locker room which determines the quality of the conversation that takes place when the button-down shirts come off.  Perhaps Trump just lacks character.

Which leads me to a portion of what was written by Chris Kluwe who played for 8 years with the Minnesota Vikings and tells what a locker room conversation might sound like today.

We talk about our families. We talk about our significant others, our children, and our parents. We talk about our fears that if a Hitler wannabe who can’t even string together a coherent statement on domestic policy becomes president, what that might mean for those of us who are married to a member of a minority community, or are a member of a minority community, or have children going to schools where hopefully nobody screams racial epithets at them or tells them to go back to [insert foreign country they couldn’t identify on a map here].

We talk about travel. We talk about the cities we’ve seen, the stadiums we’ve played in, what vacations we might take in the offseason. We talk about what country might make a good safe haven if a Russian-backed presidential candidate whose foreign policy agenda can best be described as “gross negligence mixed with a spicy dash of treason” were to have control of our nation’s nuclear arsenal, and whether his stubby little baby fingers are strong enough to push in the launch codes on sturdy military-grade hardware.

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