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Where We Stand With 25 Days Until Election 2016

October 14, 2016

Lets consider where we are this Friday afternoon given what the past week has produced.  Keep in mind the past week has been the most (pick your own word) that has transpired in the 2016 race.

One week ago today it started with the Access Hollywood audio of Trump, more Russian inspired WikiLeaks aimed to help Putin’s choice for the White House, the nasty debate in St. Louis, the accusers against Bill Clinton seated in the debate hall, and other accusers coming forth against the sexual predator also known as the GOP nominee.  There is no way to make this up into a story that a publisher would accept as plausible.

So where does this leave those of us who look at the Electoral College? It is now clear that Hillary Clinton has expanded her lead and now has 287 electoral votes in her column, which is more than the 270 needed to win the White House. Trump has 157 electoral votes in his column, which is down more than 30 for him from last week when NBC crunched the numbers. There are 94 electoral votes in  the Tossup category.

I differ with the map as I place GA and IA in GOP column and FL and NV in Dem column.


The map last week at this time placed Clinton at 268, Trump at 190, and 80 in Tossup.

So what has Trump done to improve his standing this week?  Well would you believe he has actually dug his hole even deeper?  Well, no you would not be surprised at that.  After this entire cycle would anyone think Trump would do anything other than regress?

This week we have witnessed (again) exactly why Trump is not suited to be president as he has not the temperament for the office.  Trump went diving this week even deeper into the bowels of internet conspiracy searching for who knows what as he defiantly pushed back against the mounting cases of sexual assault allegations.  Trump would have us believe that a supposed conspiracy now includes the big bad media, half the federal government, global corporations and the banks.  Little green men at Roswell, New Mexico is just one speech away!

Offering no facts but lots of hot air and bluster and snide remarks Trump has retreated from trying to reach out to new voters. Instead, he’s in an all-out battle to keep his base engaged amid a firestorm of criticism.  Stroking white angry men is not a winning strategy for winning the White House!.  It is however all the evidence one needs to know as to why he will never sit in the Oval Office.

And that is where we are this Friday afternoon as we close down another sad week of Election 2016.

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