McDonalds May Sell Burgers Next To The Vatican

Plans to open a McDonald’s next to the Vatican has caused outrage among cardinals–several of the Princes of the Church- reside above the 6,000 square foot site owned by the church.

The fast-food chain wants to open a restaurant in a piazza to the right of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome which based on news reports would bring in 30,000 Euros (£27,000) a month in the proposed deal.  That would help settle some of the outstanding legal bills owed by the church for pedophile priests.

But the Princes are not going quietly into the night about this matter.  One angry cardinal has reportedly written a letter to Pope Francis urging him to intervene.

Being one always interested in compromise I suggest placing a finger of a saint on the wall of the fast-food business with a plaque reading ‘Just be thankful this was not found in your fries.”

By adding some humor and a few new items like deep-fried wafers I see this being a win-win for all parties involved.

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