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Stephen Colbert Speaks For America About Donald Trump Wiping His Backside With Our Constitution

October 20, 2016

Stephen Colbert was live after the debate last night and made America proud.
Colbert was not pleased about Trump’s comment that he’s going to leave us in suspense as to whether or not he’s going to accept the result of the election.
Oh, suspense! Democracy’s going to end in a cliffhanger.  I guess we’re all going to have to wait until Nov. 9 to find out if we still have a country, if Donald Trump is in the mood for a peaceful transfer of power. Or if he’s going to wipe his fat ass with the Constitution.
That is precisely how millions of Americans feel about Trump.  The candidate’s most audacious and reckless statement needs to be scorned from every street corner and mountain top in this land.  And on Election Day whether Trump concedes or not let the final numbers show there is no doubt the voters of America repudiated him with a national thrashing at the ballot box!

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