Tell Me Civics Is Not Needed In Schools! Or That a Segment Of This Nation Is Not Just Plain Stupid!

Yesterday at lunch I talked with a county employee about the state of affairs in this country.  We agreed that the degree to which civics is taught in our schools or understood generally is awful.  We also found it most troubling how the lowest common denominators have taken this nation to new lows.

The latest news headline in my feed this morning underscores both points.

Among Republican and Republican-leaning likely voters, 45% said they might not accept the election as legitimate if their candidate doesn’t win, according to a new NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll.  It was also reported that 18% said they would definitely not accept the outcome. A majority of Republicans — 53% — said they would accept the results of the election if their candidate loses. An overwhelming majority of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters — 82%– said they would definitely or probably accept the election.

It all comes down to education and like it or not this nation has a large percentage of truly uninformed people who drag the rest of us down.  That might sound harsh or even elitist.  Too bad if it does.

There are many citizens–and I am one of them–who are sick and tired of the mentally lazy taking our country into places we have never been before.  This election season is but one example of the embarrassment that has befallen us.  The world looks to us for leadership–economically, diplomatically, militarily–and what they have seen for the past year is a segment of the nation too stupid to not understand or appreciate the basic foundations of even basic democracy.

At first I laugh at those who gather and rally for Trump but then it turns to embarrassment that this type of news video circulates the globe and others somehow will think these bumpkins are a reflection of all those who reside here.

I love those who have differing political opinions than mine as long as they are based on fact.  But I can not countenance allowing this nation to drift away from sanity and reason due to the low-life types with their lack of education and bad manners.


6 thoughts on “Tell Me Civics Is Not Needed In Schools! Or That a Segment Of This Nation Is Not Just Plain Stupid!

  1. pattilynn9

    What? A civics course is not a required class for HS graduation? **shaking head**

    Students are issued laptops. They can’t spell, ’cause they’ve got auto-correct. They can’t write cursive, ’cause they only type. They’re taught to pass tests, but not to THINK. I saw just this week, there is a new calculator that works complicated math problems….showing each step of the work. It had on screen an algebra equation / one with square root. I can see how it might be useful as a teaching tool, but a student looking for a shortcut will use it to cheat and not learn to do the work. The dumbing down in our schools is a disgrace.

  2. We so agree! Every word, Patti. Every word. Too much emphasis on sports and electives and not the required basics and foundations that are needed. Last weekend I was in a clothes store and while checking out talked with the two young men about the election. They were 18 and 19 and both registered to vote. But from there it was a pure mystery how they had graduated. They had no clue about–and believe me the conversation did head in this direction–the difference between socialism and communism. One was quite sure one of the candidates this primary season was a communist. They had ideas and notions that had no foundation but were sure they were experts about what a president could do in office such as just print more money so more people could have more in their pockets. With that idea there was no need to increase the minimum wage. I left stunned and had to question–since they were both products of Madison schools–what I should do about a referendum question for more money. They were cute young men but let me say that is all they had going for them. What is going on in the classrooms remains a question. .

  3. purplepenquin

    Agree with you on this one…education is VERY lacking in how our political system actually works. For instance, a lot of ignorant folks beleive that voting for a third party is the same as not voting at all. Frustrating how so many people have no idea how major changes…such as child labor laws, 40-hour work week, and Women’s Suffrage…came into being.

    …said with a smile, not a scowl, and with a slight gleam in my eyes. Ain’t tryin’ to hate on ya, but you offer up a softball like that I simply can’t resist. 😀

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