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Concert Venue On Madison’s East Side Moves Forward

October 25, 2016

There is a great reason to start this day off with a smile.  (After a dental appointment yesterday I can say that quite literally.) But for the rest of my readers and especially those who reside in Madison there is a new music venue inching closer to realization.
Last evening a resolution was approved by the Board of Estimates which authorizes the development of a major project slated for the 800 block of East Washington Avenue–an area that for decades screamed for massive improvement.  Two large creations have been constructed on one side of the major entry point to the statehouse and now another is clearing the needed hurdles.  The project will include office space, a concert venue and much needed parking garage.
I have strongly supported the inclusion of a concert venue in the development agreement and am aware that not all share my point of view.  Some contend that more competition will take business from existing venues.  And that very well may occur.  But many others understand that more venues and more acts coming to this city will enrich the music scene and allow ticket buyers more of an opportunity to experience the music of their choice.   There is much to applaud  with Frank Production Concerts planning to stage 75 shows per year at the new venue.
Finally I really do try to be fair.  I also try to be honest.  While I have many concerns about the way Alder Marsha Rummel does her job for this constituency of which I am one, I must say her support of the whole project has been a correct position.  While she should have been more vocal at various times along the way by informing voters of her thoughts, there is no doubt her vote in support at BOE was the best way to create economic muscle in this area.  If she does not take some awkward turn at the upcoming city council meeting we all can be pleased with her dealing on this development.
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