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Donald Trump ‘News’ Program Mimics ‘Fearless Leader’ Kim Jong-Un

October 25, 2016

If anyone needed a final reason to totally repudiate Donald Trump on Election Day it came on Monday evening.

The campaign of Trump has tried to pretend it is the media who is not playing fair when reporting on the presidential election.  After all they are reporting on the words and actions of the candidates and that should not be the case especially when one of those candidates has a pure genius for doing and saying the most awful things.

So the Trump team has decided to host their own ‘news’ show on Facebook live each evening and in so doing show those others like Leter Holt, David Muir and Scott Pelley what unbiased coverage looks like.

The people who were aired Monday night were not able to pretend in any way to provide traditional campaign coverage–and I get the fact they were not aiming for that outcome.  But if the main complaint from Trump is that the media are biased then should not the higher goal be to show what smart objective reporting might resemble?

With that in mind consider what was offered.

The hosts included Tomi Lahren, a host on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network and Cliff Sims, an adviser to the Trump campaign. Also on the livestream was Boris Epshteyn, a senior advisor to Trump campaign.  I am not kidding.

The livestream began with a conversation between Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Epshteyn and Sims.   Breath-taking television!  The conversation was mostly talking points from the Trump campaign and did not feature surrogates representing Trump’s opposition making counter-arguments.

The show included multiple segments bookended by breaks consisting of Trump speeches. The second segment consisted of a brief exchange between Sims and Epshteyn, followed by a message from Lahren, and the third segment was an interview with Republican National Committee spokesperson Sean Spicer.

There was of course no real staples of journalism.  There was no diversity of opinion, non-partisanship, or tough questions.  It was simply what one would expect from  watching any evening in North Korea when Kim Jong-Un is presented in a glorified and autocratic manner during their ‘news’ program.

The world–and they are watching this travesty of a presidential election–knows Trump is not suited for the White House.  They also now know he is not aware of a basic foundation in our democracy when it comes to the role and importance of real reporters and journalists.

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