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Is The Russ Feingold Senate Race Tightening?

October 28, 2016

There is no doubt Democratic candidate Russ Feingold is the superior candidate for the senate seat in Wisconsin.  His intellectual heft and proven abilities makes him the star candidate in this state.  But as we know this year is most odd and therefore the news about a late funding spree on the former senator’s behalf can not be taken lightly.

Democratic Super PAC is making a surprise major investment in this senate race in the election’s final days.  This is perplexing as many Democrats had long considered this race a sure victory here but there seems reason to speculate this race has become unexpectedly tight.   Senate Majority PAC now plans to spend $2 million on behalf of Feingold.

Since the election cycle began even many Republicans had believed that Ron Johnson, the first-term Republican senator, was likely to lose his re-election battle.  Johnson has trailed Feingold in nearly every poll of the race this year, sometimes by as many as 10 points or more.  Johnson also has one of the weakest minds in the chamber and rattles off the most remarkably unfounded statements about everything from climate change to how college classrooms might consider teaching students.

We must hope the public Democratic statements are correct that this ad buy is merely a precautionary step, made possible in part by the group’s record fundraising (it raised more than $19 million in the first 19 days of October alone). Party strategists privately and publically say they believe Feingold is still on track to win.

Wisconsin needs Feingold’s values and keen insight to help with the national issues that we confront.    Go Russ!

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