The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit


This book was bought for a penny on Amazon……no joke.

I read this best-seller from the 1950’s for several reasons. It took my mind off the current news of the day (Lord, I need a break) and placed me in the years when it was scandalous for a book to tell a story (in part) about a WW II vet having fathered a child overseas.   What makes for controversy is a moving current.

The corporate mindset of the 50’s with consensus thinking is well presented.  The main character does not want to climb the business ladder in a fashion which will not allow time for family, friends, and free time.  It makes for an important reminder about what really matters in life.

The book overall makes for a social study of the era.   In fact, I read about Sloan Wilson’s book in a narrative about the mid-20th century.  The book was used as a great example of how to understand the generation raised in the depression and then a product of a world war.

I must caution, however, the book plots like one from the 50’s but the story and themes are just as timely–perhaps more so today–than when first penned.

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